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‘The Noble Nine’ by Matt Parvin

VAULT Festival 2019, Jan 30th-3rd Feburary

“Don’t you want to be one of the Nine? Noble? Regardless of earthly cost.”

Cripes! Estelle West, illustrious English author of the famed Noble Nine novel series, is on her death bed.

Her handsome and hearty adult grandchildren – the inspiration for the Nine – gather only to discover there’s treasure buried on their childhood island!

But what lies ahead of the Noble Nine, dear reader, is not the kind of adventure you’ll find in the pages of a story written by Estelle West. Herein lies a very adult tale …

Can the Nine overcome pesky natives, meddling estate agents and indecent urges to find the treasure?

Find out in The Noble Nine!

The Noble Nine is based on an idea originally commissioned by The Oxford School of Drama, and first performed at the Soho Theatre Upstairs in September 2017. It has been generously supported by the Carne Trust.

Find out in The Noble Nine!

Written by Matt Parvin
Directed by Polina Kalinina
Produced by Josh Cockcroft
Lighting Design by Rob Price
Associate Director – Emma Harris

Ella Bruccoleri as Winnie
Ryan Dooey as Arthur
Claudia Grant as Bammie
Willy Hudson as Hen
Jennifer Leong as Eliza
Dipo Ola as Gregory
Toby Vaughan as Estelle, Presenter, Doctor and Estate Agent